Global Clean Energy Kickstarting a Climate-Smart Camelina Project

Global Clean Energy Holdings and USDA have signed a contract for the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grant for their Climate-Smart Camelina Project.

Now that the agreement is signed, work can officially begin on their $30 million project to measure and validate the advantages of camelina as an ultra-low carbon nonfood renewable fuel. The project will implement, measure, and validate the advantages of camelina in both rotational and winter crop production systems. The goal is to accelerate farmers’ adoption of camelina grown to produce feedstock for renewable biofuels and chemicals without causing land-use change and while increasing carbon capture in the soil. Climate-Smart Camelina will also support market development to provide additional revenue streams for growers and provide a premium for this low-carbon intensity crop.

“We’re excited to begin this important work,” says Richard Palmer, CEO of Global Clean Energy. “Camelina could be the lowest-carbon intensity feedstock option on the market.”

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