Groups Pushing for Passage of Shipping Reform Implementation Act

The Ocean Shipping Reform Implementation Act is designed to help with slowdowns and other issues at U.S. ports. The Ocean Shipping Reform Implementation Act follows the Ocean Shipping Reform Act passed a year ago.

The first bill gave the Federal Maritime Commission the power to address the actions of foreign carriers leaving U.S. ports empty and not carrying American goods back home. The new Reform Implementation Act clarifies the FMC role and focuses attention on shipping exchanges. The goals are to streamline port logistics, reduce disruption, and address the influence of Chinese companies on shippers’ operations. U.S. ports are also prohibited from using Chinese state-sponsored software.

The FMC can now investigate foreign shipping exchanges like the Shanghai Shipping Exchange to prevent improper business practices. A report from Supply Management says the sponsoring legislators point out it gives the FMC the authority to protect U.S. ports, shippers, and manufacturers from Chinese influence.

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