No New Money for the Farm Bill?

The general consensus heading into the 2023 Farm Bill writing process is that no new money will be available for farm bill programs. However, David Rouzer, a Republican Representative from North Carolina, says ‘not so fast’.

Rouzer says, “Well, I think that’s left to be determined, really. You know, the CBO score on the current law I think now is around 1.7 trillion. So, that’s up from about 1.4 trillion, by and large because of the Inflation Reduction Act provisions that provided for extra spending for conservation programs, so that now is taking hold. And, you know, we’ll see what Congress decides to do with a budget resolution.”

Rouzer says there is a slight chance the budget resolution includes more money for the farm bill. He says, “I wouldn’t rate that as a high possibility, but it’s still possible. So, we’ll just have to see. Under the assumption we have 1.7 trillion to work with, that means basically that you make some policy changes, take money from some other pots and take those extra dollars to shore up the crop insurance program, adjust the reference price, for example. So, the many questions still out there.”

Rouzer is a member of the House Agriculture Committee.

Story provided by Mike Davis, Southern Farm Network, Raleigh, North Carolina and NAFB News Service

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